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Sarah Michelle Gellar Fakes

Sarah Michelle Gellar Nude In Fishnets

Posted in Unspecified
An amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar fake which enables us to see Sarah posing with no clothes on, to say nothing of her fishnets. If only Buffy could appear on the screen in this form!

sarah michelle gellar nude fake - spreading legs in fishnets

See also Britney Spears posing nude in fishnets and Halle Berry taking off her fishnet tights.

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Sarah Michelle And A Big Toy

Posted in Unspecified
Though looking thoughtful and pensive, our lovely Sarah is actually getting ready to participate in a rather hot and exciting activity, for which she is casted to masturbate with a big plastic toy. She is already stark naked, and she has nothing against showing off her bald pussy. She is only waiting for the 'Action!' order to set off. In the meantime, she is starting to stroke her pussy lips, making them get a little wet.

sarah michelle gellar dildo fake

More dildo fakes starring famous women? What about Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson dildoing their tight holes?

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Black Nude Gellar

Posted in Unspecified
What could Sarah Michelle Gellar look like if she was African American? She would have darker skin, of course. And very dark nipples. And curly black hair. And a beaming white-teeth smile. We can imagine all of it, but seeing is better than saying. So, here is one of the funniest parodies we have ever seen, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in one of the most unexpected roles, of a cute ebony tart passing her porn audition.

fake ebony gellar

Prefer natural ones? Then you should pay a short visit to Beyonce :)

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Lesbian Pussy Licking

Posted in Unspecified

Another fake, another explicit Sarah Michelle Gellar sex scene. We have seen Sarah Michelle getting fucked by men, now let us fancy her playing with a girl. Just a bit of hot lesbian pussy licking, and it is sweetheart Sarah whose pussy is licked.


hot lesbian sarah michelle gellar gets her pussy licked on


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Sarah Michelle Gellar Fake Blowjob

Posted in Unspecified

It does not matter that sweet Sarah Michelle Gellar is not made perfectly nude in this fake image. What matters is Sarah Michelle Gellar's cock sucking skills. And we have to admit, she looks an experienced blowjob performer here.


sarah michelle gellar sucks on cock


Britney Spears starring as blowjob performer



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Sarah Michelle Gellar Fuck

Posted in Unspecified

One more fake image exploiting Sarah Michelle Gellar fuck theme. Sarah does some anal again, and seems to find her sexual experimenting most fascinating. She readily lets the guy fuck her asshole and expects a lot of fun and pleasure of that.


sarah michelle gellar gets fucked in the ass


Scarlett Johansson Anal Fuck




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Sarah Michelle Gellar XXX Fake

Posted in Unspecified

Everything is extremely XXX in this fake of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her pussy is more than bare, it is fully exposed. Her ass is more than exposed, the asshole is wide open. And the whole situation in which Sarah is caught with her pants down is more than just risky, it is utterly explicit. Have you ever seen Sarah Michelle Gellar after having an anal fuck? You have a nice opportunity now. YOVO fakes company is famous for their XXX job, but this time they have outdone themselves :)


sarah michelle gellar xxx yovo fantasy


Angelina Jolie XXX


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Sarah Michelle Gellar Sex

Posted in Unspecified

Outdoor sex delight, see Sarah Michelle Gellar getting her tight pussy drilled from behind on a balcony. The party was great and really hot, and it is not surprising that it spilled over into wild fucking. Sarah Michelle could have hardly ever met that guy before, but he was so handsome that when he suggested her making love she was not able to resist.


sarah michelle gellar sex fake


Hilary Duff Sex


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Sarah M Gellar Pussy

Posted in Unspecified

Perhaps, we should better call this fake pic Sarah Mmmmm Jelly Pussy :) Those pussy lips do look so much like butterfly wings, too... And Sarah is flapping them so playfully... XIZOR has presented a very provocative image of her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Pussy


Elisha Cuthbert Pussy

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Nude

Posted in Unspecified


sarah michelle gellar nude

We have been waiting long for seeing her nude, and at last our dreams have come true. There she is, Sarah Michelle Gellar posing nude on the steps of the stairs with her legs spread and her pussy exposed. A wonderful fake.

More? CLICK HERE for a hotter one!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Hot

Posted in Unspecified

sarah michelle gellar hot

Sarah Michelle Gellar posing nude in striped stockings. A very hot image! However, the fake is mostly distinguished by the model's adorable body, rather than by the job of the fake expert. Sarah Michelle's face could have got a more natural look here. Anyway, the whole situation is very impessive, and... Hot!

Megan Fox Hot

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy

Posted in Unspecified

Softcore porn, or Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy. The girl is lying relaxed on the couch with her legs set apart to show off her sexy pussy... which is covered by panties. However, we may see it through and know that is shaved and has got a nice sexy clit. An explicitly sexy image of Sarah Michelle Gellar presented by Nova Fakes.

Sexy Miley Cyrus


sarah michelle gellar

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Porn

Posted in Unspecified

sarah michelle gellar porn


Sarah Michelle Gellar Porn Fake. A really explicit pic featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar lying and posing in a most shocking hardcore way, with her legs folded back and pussy and ass perfectly exposed. One of classical porn session situations applied practically and comically to one of the most beloved celebs of the present. Enjoy Sarah Michelle Gellar playing a porn star!


Katy Perry Porn

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Ass

Posted in Unspecified

sarah michelle gellar ass

















Sarah Michelle Gellar Ass fake. Let them argue which celebrity's ass is the best in the world, you have a better choice now! Though this Sarah Michelle's ass is a fake one, you may see the most of it, asshole and crotch included. And then, compare it to... say, Halle Berry's butt (fake, too), or Scarlett Johansson's ass (fake again). And then imagine a different ass and body attached to Sarah Michelle Gellar's face, and then come to some conclusion at last :)

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Posing Naked

Posted in Unspecified

sarah michelle gellar nakedWe do not know if they changed only the faces to make Sarah Michelle Gellar pose naked for this pic, or they also altered the background, but finally they got a really beautiful fake of naked Sarah Michelle Gellar showing off her slender nude body on a winter evening. It may be cold outside, but inside it's hot!

See more of Sarah Michelle Gellar Naked!


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